Phillip Kelly

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Mr. Phil Kelly

Mobile: 0418 126 768

With a Sales career commencing in 1984 on Hobart’s Eastern Shore and being a practising Auctioneer since1985. Phil has demonstrated longevity in an industry known for its high attrition rate. Experience is earned and not bought and both clients and customers can benefit from his knowledge of diverse market conditions and negotiation skills.

In addition to running his own offices, Phil until recently was an active REIT trainer involved in classroom presentation, distance learning and assisting with development and implementation of training packages. He was also retained as a consultant by groups and individuals within the industry.

As a former franchise owner for 19 years, and managing agent for another National Real Estate chain for 2 years, Phil was presented with proposals from large franchise groups and smaller specialist agencies when re-establishing his business early in 2012.

After a personal meeting with Paul and looking at what One Agency offered, it was an easy decision to join the group. Phil is excited to be a part of the One Agency family and all his colleagues at Sorell share his enthusiasm.