Holiday Security Checklist

Is yours one of the few houses in the street with an alarm, dog or well-secured doors and windows or where the occupants come and go at irregular times?

Then give yourself a big tick for offering the least opportunity i.e greatest opposition or risk to aspiring thieves.

But if you are going on holiday this Christmas you might want to make your home even less attractive to opportunistic thieves by using this holiday security checklist.

Firstly, try to think the way the thieves do. Does your home look neglected, abandoned, unused?

Make it look occupied by carrying out the following activities:

  1. Leave a light on inside if you intend returning home after dark. The light should be visible from the street and give the impressions that the house is occupied. Consider using an automatic lighting timer.
  2. Never leave notes on your door. Thieves can read too.
  3. Keep blinds and curtains partly open to give the house a “lived in” appearance, if you are gong away for some length of time.
  4. Cancel all regular deliveries, e.g. milk, newspapers so the stockpile doesn’t give the game away.
  5. Ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your home and collect any other deliveries which may be made during your absence.
  6. Ask the Post Office to hold your mail.
  7. Ask a friend or neighbour to park a car in your driveway from time to time.

And remember to make things tough for anyone who has the temerity to have a go:

  1. Lock away all portable garden equipment, tools, ladders or anything that could be used to break into your house.
  2. Securely lock your garage; most breaking-in implements are found there.
  3. Lock all doors and windows
  4. Take your keys or leave them with a friend. Do not hide them.
  5. Remove all money and valuables to a safe place such as your bank.
  6. Notify your local Police of your absence.

Wishing all our readers great Christmas holiday period and may the new year bring you joy, health and success.

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