Holiday Security Checklist

Real Estate Sorell

Is yours one of the few houses in the street with an alarm, dog or well-secured doors and windows or where the occupants come and go at irregular times? Then give yourself a big tick for offering the least opportunity i.e greatest opposition or risk to aspiring thieves. But if you are going on holiday…Read More→

7 Tips For Successful Negotiation

Negotiating a Sale

No buyer wants to miss out on a property they have set their heart on (or a seller a sale) because negotiations have broken down in the heat of the moment. Negotiating know-how is crucial if you want to buy or sell well. 1. Coping With Emotion You are in a stronger position if you…Read More→

Choosing Your Location

Location Location

In real estate, location is everything and depending on what your personal preferences are, you should expect the costs of properties to change based on location, even when all other features and factors are similar. For example, if you choose to live just outside of a city zone, a property of the same age and…Read More→